Nil Melis Turanlı

Nil Melis Turanlı is Turkish courageous young lady. She is a medical student at Erciyes University . She participated in the 1st International Student Project Competition in Health Category, organised by NEU-DESAM, in Cyprus with her project "Recombinant Gene Technology Applications in Cancer Treatment" which is the only project of it's category, in 2015. Nil Melis TURANLI participated in science fairs organized by TUBITAK in 2016 and 2017 with her project "Usage of the NFC Technology in Health ". She has received grand prizes in regional mathematics, poetry and painting competitions. She is a determined and successful student in the TURKMSIC team at her University . Her interests include drawing and painting (semi-realistic and hyper-realistic portraits), playing with piano and digital photography. She loves writing theatre scripts and she performed in many of them. She is currently doing research to develop 3-dimensional, holographic, diagnostic imaging methods in health. She wants to do researches and studies on the viral origins and treatments of autoimmune diseases and cancers, in the future.

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