Jocelyne Akamaliza

Jocelyne Akamaliza is from Rwanda and she received her bachelor’s degree in

Biomedical Engineering from Union College in the US.


Jocelyne has interest in medical devices and Nanotechnology fields and believes in their potential to improve the quality of life for patients. She serves as the president of the Biomedical Engineering Society chapter at Union College. Currently, Jocelyne is working on designing and developing an inferior vena cava filter device which will effectively catch blood clots and prevent pulmonary embolisms. As an undergraduate research assistant, Jocelyne has worked on multiple research projects. At Union, she conducts research on nanomaterials that can be used to harness body energy and potentially power small medical devices. She also interned with the nanofabrication department at Oakridge National lab to improve the resolution of Helium microscope and allow safe imaging of biological samples. She enjoys traveling and dancing, reading good books.

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