• Olivier UWISHEMA, Founder and Head of the department of clinical researches .(KTU -Turkey)
  • Ahmet Serdar Mutluer, Senior adviser. (Bezmialem Vakif University - Turkey)
  • Hubert TUYISHIME, President and Head of the department of general researches. (Harvard University - USA)
  • Arush Lal,Senior adviser. ( London University - UK)
  • Emmanuela OPPONG, Head of English Translation, Editing and Project departments. (Union University, New York - USA)
  • Salva ABDOLLAHI, Head of Turkish Translation departments . ( Ankara University - Turkey)
  • Jocelyne AKAMALIZA,Head of International Affairs. (Union University, New York - USA)
  • Aslıhan DAL, Head of French Translation Department. ( Beykent University - Turkey)
  • Morgan DESHAYES, French department Senior adviser. ( French Federation of Associations for Spina Bifida - France)
  • Nil Melis TURANLI,Head of website designing and photo designing departments. ( Erciyes Universiy - Turkey).
  • Vuslat Yavuz,Head of local communication affairs and video making departments.  (Bezmialem Vakif University - Turkey)
  • Havva TÜYLÜ, Head of local activities department.(Maltepe University - Turkey)
  • Mustafa KaanYILMAZ, General research Senior Adviser ( Hacettepe University - Turkey)
  • Thacien NDUWAYO, Clinical research Senior Adviser ( Moscow University - Russia)

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