Mr. Faustin RUTAYISIRE is a passionate  young medical student in ANKARA YILDIRIM BEYAZIT UNIVERSITY faculty of Medicine.He is a proudly Rwandan who  had a privilege to be born and raised in Southern province of Rwanda but currently living in ANKARA/TURKEY. Mr RUTAYISIRE aimed to caring about health and safety of people without wealth because he perceives health care as a must-have right for everyone not a priviledge to some people. Mr RUTAYISIRE is also a social and humble person with a strong Leadership skills where he have been a Coordinator of Rwanda Community in Ankara,Bolu and Eskişehir /TURKEY(2018-2019) and he is a currently acting  coordinator of Rwandan Community in Ankara/TURKEY(2019-2020) and he enjoys leading every community he is in to a considerable progress, for instance he was certified as a man of the year 2018 in Rwanda Community Turkey in recognition of his outstanding performance ,self-improvement and positive attitude he brought to the community. Mr RUTAYISIRE in his leisure time he enjoys reading different personal-improvement books,having fun with colleagues,sports and listening to music.

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