Dr. Ahmet Serdar Mutluer

Dr. Ahmet Serdar Mutluer is a graduate from Bezmialem University school of medicine. Serdar Mutluer is from Turkey. He is best known for medical sciences as the first medical student to be admitted to the European Nuclear Research Center CERN in the World ’’CERN’’(Conseil Européen pour Recherche Nucléaire). He was nominated for the “Superior Young Scientist Award” of TUBITAK TUBA (THE TURKISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCE) in 2016. He was awarded the “Young Scientist of the Year 2017” in 1453 Awards where Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar (Nobel Prize Awarded Turkish Scientist) was also awarded as “Scientist of the Year 2017”. He has many publications in respectable international journals and awards. He was also a keynote speaker for scientific conferences and he is president of Bezmialem University Student Council. He currently works on computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and medical physics. He will write on “OliHealth Magazine” about the mystery of brain.

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